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Theme Of The Month – Gospel Bells For Achieving Impossibilities

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ; for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth; to the Jew first and also to the Greek.
Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is that they might be saved.
Romans 1:16; 10:1


Assemblies of God divine mandate is popularly known as ‘All the Gospel’ and we are out to pursue the fulfillment of the mandate this year in a shouting manner in such a way that all the nooks and crannies of our neighbourhood shall have the gospel bells ring very loud. Jesus command is that ‘this gospel of the kingdom must be preached’ so it is a task that must be accomplished. According to Okoroafor (2017) we must pursue His assignment with the same heart desire and prayer of Evangelist Paul in Romans 10:1 ‘that all Israel (souls/Nigeria) be saved’. It behooves us therefore to induce ourselves for collective and personal evangelization of our society by engaging all known and available tools within our deposal. We are to live and preach the gospel in such a way that old and new family, friends and foes around us will be reached for Christ. When the gospel bells ring the kingdom of God takes over and the benefits flow to the entire recipients. As we individually and collectively ring the gospel bells this year, without mincing words, oddities and un-pleasantries of life are bound to be swallowed up.

Suffice to say that the solid relationship between God and man is predicated on the gospel usage and its maximization. In my humble opinion, when enemies, challenges and difficult situations pursue you to God, He refers you to the gospel as your ultimate bail out. The gospel is more efficacious than all we eat and drink put together. It then means that as we should desire to identify with the gospel both in our living and preaching more than food. In spite of your height or depth in the gospel, there is a great need for you to salivate for more. As a matter of fact, as you deepen yourself in the gospel, you are bound to increase and never to decrease on all sides of life. I therefore implore you to come along with us as we take a gospel adventure both in living and preaching it in season and out of season as never before!

The Beauty Of Gospel Bearers

Before the advent of the gospel in Nigeria, the devil had his field day and was unchallengeable by African Traditional Religion (ATR). Twins were murdered in cold blood, human beings were used as object of sacrifice, earth goddesses harassed humanity at will, women were reduced to mere properties as in some communities men married more than 10 wives each; people lived naked and other barbarious activities took place. The major beauty of the gospel is that when the European missionaries rang the bell; these atrocities could not withstand the power that was inherent in the gospel. When Assemblies of God came on board in 1934, history holds it that every community that the early uneducated gospel preachers penetrated, the devil and his cohorts scampered for safety. Till date, as we ring the gospel bells in our immediate environments, greater results are guaranteed.

It is imperative to note that bells are used as musical instruments and calling of attention. I strongly suggest that whenever the gospel bells ring, there is always quality noise that will bring quality news. Bells makes room for attraction, so in spite of the unattractiveness of the gospel bell ringer, the attractions the gospel carries are unquantifiable such as deliverance, healing, promotion, prosperity, power, increase, breakthrough, salvation, sanctification, favour, health, blessings and lots more.

Achieving Impossibilities

According to professor Paul in Romans 1:16, the gospel is the raw power of God in the mouth of the presenter. Gospel and power are like Siamese twins and two sides of a coin that are inseparable. It is important to note that every gospel bell ringer is a power carrier, so the gospel being a reservoir of power is a breaker of impossibilities. In the school of the gospel, power is the most critical factor. Friends, for over three decades that I have been involved in ringing the gospel bells, I have seen the power of God across continents, melt impossibilities without making noise. In November 2013 to be precise, I embarked on a one man missions trip to Cuba, On arrival at Havana international airport, my host protocol and I could not understand each other because of language differences, they speak Spanish while I am at home with English. On the first day of the programme I was privileged to have an English graduate who was my interpreter though he could barely express himself in clear spoken English. Haven shared the gospel with them from the angle of the Holy Spirit and His activities through willing vessels; the power of God was so raw that the presence of God was very palpable. In the course of their worship, though I could not understand anything, I observed that the atmosphere was soaked with divine presence. I was moved by faith to demand for the clutches of a paralyzed man in front of me. As he reluctantly surrendered them, he immediately stood. Other testimonies include: half grown toes grew out, lumps disappeared and various others. On Sunday as I arrived the church, to my amazement, the front row was filled with paralyzed and lame people and God did wonders as all were healed, left their clutches and wheel chairs and rejoiced home.

The Gospel connection

As further stated in Romans 1:16, whoever believes is automatically qualified to both live and preach the gospel. Beloved, the number of years you have been in the church or serving in the kingdom notwithstanding, you need to constantly recharge your faith to remain connected. Faith is the subscription fee that is required to be regularly connected to the gospel and its multifaceted benefits. God is all you need and faith is all it takes for all impossibilities to be achieved. In my view, faith is behaving as if it is so, even when you know it is not yet so, just because the bible said so, so that it might be so. There is no better place to find God than inside the gospel and it is not only available but accessible by all who believe. We are all aware that what we believe is what we eventually become, so as we extend our belief to the gospel (as it pertains us) the beauty embedded their-in will surely radiate on us and we become impossibilities achievers wherever we show up this year.


This 2019 is heavily pregnant with different people’s diverse expectations as regards the delivery of heart desires. Make yourself good by strategically positioning yourself to be one of the earliest favourites of this year by graduating from mere making of new year resolutions (which is setting of objectives) to taking decision which is the action needed to make it count. My prayer for you is that you will be a candidate and not just an aspirant of gospel bells for achieving impossibilities!

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Big congratulations to all who brought forth babies, erected or purchased properties and everyone born in the month of January as enumerated below. May every barrier, obstacle, hindrance, limitation or spell threatening you in any form be broken as you step into this month of January in Jesus most powerful name!

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