CIMI’s Ten Point Agenda

Consultancy Plan Of Reverend C.V. Izuchukwu, PhD.


His brethren therefore said unto him, Depart hence, and go into Judea, that thy disciples also may see the works that thou doest. For there is no man that doeth any thing in secret, and he himself seeketh to be known openly. If thou do these things, shew thyself to the world. Jn 7:3-4.

Truly, as stated by Jesus brethren, none that intends his services or products to be known, seen, recognized or patronized by his would be market or target audience, stays behind and expects the society to come around him. The brethren of Jesus actually introduced a great success strategy that has been widely and globally engaged by business organizations with indisputable results. Advertisement and publicity drew much from the biblical business strategy as opined by Jesus brethren. Considering that competitors abound across all fields of endeavour, it is imperative for all and sundry to have the knowledge of what one does and where he operates, distance notwithstanding.

  1. Ministry specialization for specific expertise                  

As observed by Apostle Paul, ‘this one thing I do’, ministry therefore thrives on the platform of specialization. Jack of all trade as we know will eventually master none. All ministry champions across the globe are specialists in a specific field. Some are into healing, deliverance, faith, evangelism, prayer, marriage among others. Haven put in close to three decades in the ministry and being a specialist also in my field of calling, I offer guidance to upcoming gospel ministers so as to aid them by developing divine deposits in them and qualify them for expertise of no mean repute.

  1. Multi liberation ministry

The ministry of Jesus while on earth had a multi-liberation mandate according to Luke 4:18-19. The world today is in dire need of total liberation however there are few that give attention to it. Teaching or preaching deliverance is not enough until it becomes a practice in our ministry. My liberation mandate as given by the Lord took its cue from the order of Drs Uma Ukpai and subsequently O. Ezekiel. I have been privileged to be in multi-liberation ministry for two and half decades, equally I have groomed many who took after me. This is my area of calling so am available to assist those who are in same field to gain knowledge, experience and empowerment for greater exploits.

  1. Potentials discovery, development and delivery

By destiny in Christ, every kingdom child is a carrier of talents but unfortunately only a minute number has discovered. All you need to make the most of life was deposited inside you by God prior to your emergence on earth. Until these potentials are discovered, developed and maximized, fulfilling destiny is a balloon dream. I equally develop and aid possessors of talents trade them profitably. When the deposits of God on your inside are given proper and deserved attention, you effortlessly emerge a star in your field of endeavour.

  1. Networking with like minds, equals and competitors

The world being a global village requires networking to draw the best from it. God has programmed life in such a way that you need others to make headway. As you lift your eyes beyond your abode, a great number of like minds heading towards your destination shall appear. To go far in life, you have to work together with others but to go fast, travel alone. My network team cuts across denominational and geographical divide. If your dream is to join the wagon of the band making steady and satisfactory progress, then network is the answer and am available for you.

  1. Marriage and Homes Conflict Management

Marriage is a union of two functional personalities with different upbringing, mind-set, culture and tradition, gender, environment; sometimes race, colour, language and status-for an emotional fusion. Haven been married for over two decades with grown children and acquired much training on how to manage marital conflicts, I handle cases even complicated types with God sent results regularly. The married, unmarried and intending to marry are welcome.

  1. Educational packaging for all round Academic Excellence

Education has been found out to be a very crucial, critical and veritable tool for preparing for opportunities that may not be patient to wait for an unprepared person. God is universal therefore whatever he is involved is likewise. University education gives you universal knowledge and competitive advantage over equals, your profession notwithstanding. Being an academics, I package people who intend furthering their education either in foreign or local tertiary institutions. The focus here covers adults and youths. Continuous Education Programme and regular are within my delivery.

  1. Records Management Practices for Administrative Effectiveness enhancement

Records management practice is a professional practice or discipline of controlling and governing what are considered to be the most important records of an organization throughout their life cycles, which includes from the time such records are conceived through to their eventual disposal. Without adequate management of records the activities of any organization could come to a halt. Records help administrators to take proper decisions that are geared towards the realization of organization’s goals. Being a records management expert, I help organizations particularly churches to know how to create and adequately manage records to enhance administrative effectiveness. Basically, there are a minimum of thirty one records a functional church manages.

  1. Information Management for creating golden opportunities

Good management of information is fundamental to a well-functioning organization since it supports business activity and provides a basis for effective service delivery. Information is a critical resource to the realization of corporate or individual objectives. As a matter of fact, rumour going on around you contains much information, if one is properly guided; making the most of it is sacrosanct. Considering that my PhD is in Information Resources Management, I also offer services that border on general information particularly repackaging for the ultimate purpose of maximizing results. There is information for diverse population; therefore as an expert, your particular population is within my purview.

  1. Publishing of materials

Whereas I have been an author cum publisher for about fifteen years and haven bagged my first degree in Mass Communication with specialization on print and electronic media, more so as an information expert, there is enough or even much to offer in publishing. I therefore invite persons with publishing needs such as: proofreading, editing of manuscripts, writing of foreword, biography or autobiography, obtaining of ISSN or ISBN, registering of intellectual property, ministry or business name among others.

  1. Social Welfare Services

Any church, firm or establishment that does not have room or budget for the needy is not fit to exist in any society.  My Masters degree is in Social Work with specialization on Social Welfare, therefore I partner with organizations and individuals that intend venturing into social welfare or extending philanthropic services to the needy, physically challenged, poor, orphans, destitute, widows, prisoners, motherless babies, old people and so on; for professional guidance on how to go about any of them.

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