Action Network Services International Limited



The general objective of this business ANESIL is to organize national and international conferences, seminars and training for African pastors and Christian workers as well as give awards and honorary degrees to deserving personalities.

ANESIL Services

ANESIL is a networking firm that is involved in tourism, marketing of gospel communication gadgets and information resources and social work.

  1. It is geared towards organizing national and international conferences, seminars, trainings and pilgrimages for pastors and Christian workers.
  2. It is to import and export gospel communication gadgets and produce, publish and market information resources.
  3. It is to partner with organizations and individuals of like mind to render  social welfare services by alleviating the suffering of the aged, widows and widowers, orphans, less privileged, uninformed and physically challenged.


ANESIL covers International Christian Organizations, Associations and Individuals in the aspect of pilgrimage, international conferences and social welfare services. Further, it handles global production, publishing and marketing of gospel communication gadgets cum information resources.

Meeting Needs:

ANESIL intends to meet such needs as:

  1. Affords them the opportunity to see and touch those Bible historical holy sites which they have constantly heard, read and preached about.
  2. Avails them the experience of foreign ministerial exposure.
  3. Provides training for 21st century ministry paradigm.
  4. Creates avenue to acquire as well as obtain foreign certificates.
  5. Gives enlightenment and exposure to modern communication gadgets.
  6. Enables these Ministers who often overwork themselves and hardly take rest Ministerial holidays abroad.
  7. Makes room for international networking of Ministers and Ministries.
  8. Exposes them to usage of modern Information Technology.
  9. Puts smiles on the faces of the less privileged within the Christian folk.