Action Prayer Ministry International


About APMI

The Phenomenon of prayer in our daily Christian walk cannot be over emphasized; we all agree that prayer is needed to win in the battles of life. This arm of CIMI is created to undo the burdens of humanity across the globe through the instrumentality of prayer. It usually holds a quarterly marathon vigils and an annual prayer and fasting every August. It offers a one-on-one ministration on Wednesdays. In these prophetic meetings, various cases such as incurable diseases, insanity, prolonged curses, excruciating lack and suffering, etc, we have received divine attention.

Shrines, charms, fetish powers and demi-gods of various lands are prayerfully invaded and physically destroyed to liberate communities. Twice, trees that have spoken for decades were mysteriously uprooted and permanently silenced in the course of our prayers.

These meetings hold wherever God’s servant pastures and other partnering ministries.